Thursday, April 26, 2012

Treasury Team

I am in a small handful of Etsy teams but haven't been very active with them, so recently I joined a treasury team. It's a small team, one that has a set amount of treasuries you have to make each month using at least 5  items from other team members shops, so far it seems like a good group and it's been fun.  I haven't been stitching enough lately and the ideas for new projects have been piling up in my head, something needed to be done about it.  Joining the team has motivated me to get back to it and stock up my shop.  I have had these bracelets (plus a few more) sitting unfinished on my desk for over a month now, they are now done and will be listed soon.

I have one custom project I need to get finished, then on to some new stuff.
Yay for motivation.

Are there any Etsy peeps out there that have experience with treasury teams? Any words of wisdom you would like to share?


Heather said...

These bracelets are ADORABLE. I really really love them! Especially the flower one....Oh, a red poppy one would be amazing :) you do such sweet work!

Sidereal Day said...

Thanks Heather!