Friday, April 22, 2011

Cabin Fever

I have horrible cabin fever. Every year around January....February, March and April I get sick of Washington State. The grey grey days with just a tease of sunshine every once in a while. This year spring is slow to start again, it's beautiful and sunny today as was yesterday but we had snow nearby just last week. Bleh. I long for summer weather, skimpy clothing, sandals, picnics and other outdoor activities.
How is the weather in your area?

On another note but still having to do with cabins, I found this listing on Craigslist for a rental house on beautiful San Juan island:

800 sq.ft. (feels bigger on the inside, sort of like the Tardis) newer cabin in the middle of the island. Quiet, and sunny, this one bedroom cabin offers parking for 2 cars (or 6 Smart cars or 5 Smarts cars and one motorcycle/scooter or 1 really big truck/2 Smart cars or 1 boat and 1 car/truck and a scooter AND a bicycle - the possibilities are endless!) propane fireplace/heating (a real one, not one of those HeatSurge Amish plug-in fireplace things) , newer gas range (perfect for stir-fry - veggie OR meat!)) and lots of windows to let the sun shine in and birds fly into. Native front lawn abuts the woods (great for Sasquatch watching from your front porch) and small raised garden (3x6-ish) is already planted for spring. Separate storage unit (6x12-ish) for boxes, bikes or even small boats. Fresh artesian well provides the best island water you've ever tasted and awwwsome water pressure. Water and sewer is included in the price of rent (that'll save you what, $200/mo. - can you believe it?). No dogs, but small domesticated cats (no, a housebroken ocelot does not qualify) are negotiable. 1 year lease @$850/month.

Even though we are not looking to move at the moment, and its quite small and out of the way (browsing rentals is a hobby of mine) I almost want to live here just because of their add.

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Anonymous said...

I'm with you: love the self-contained cabin. The rain and cold has arrived here in Sydney.