Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I have this weird little children's book of poetry that I have saved from my childhood. It's called Goops And How To Be Them - A Manual of Manners for Polite Infants. It was written in 1900 and covers all sorts of subjects from table manners to gentleness.

This is one of the poems from that for whatever reason stuck in my head

I am a good beginner.
I have lots of unfinished projects, fun ones and necessary ones, things that I've started and things that I want to start. Too many as a matter of fact, so many so that I'm getting bogged down and not getting any of them done. So, to remedy that I have set a goal for myself. I have started a list, (currently an unfinished list of unfinished projects) and plan to have most of them done by the time we start 1st grade (home school) on September 7th. I'm not going to say all, I don't want to be unrealistic and set myself up for failure, but I tend to do better with a deadline so, September 7th it is!
Maybe you can relate?

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