Friday, May 28, 2010

In The Bedroom

That is not my bedroom.

Our bedroom is not quite so elaborate, more on the utilitarian side of things.
Recently I got it in my head to remedy that. New soft sheets and pillows, a fluffy down comforter with a duvet, a feather bed topper, and maybe even a new mattress...mmmmm
Also I'm making a quilt. I'm not a quilter, measuring and being precise makes my brain feel squeezed, so there will be as little measuring as possible. I found an awesome deal on blue cotton velvet at, it wasn't exactly the blue I wanted so I dyed it navy blue along with some soft cotton fabric. They came out just beautiful.

(The photo doesn't really do it justice)

I will combine the navy blue with black and charcoal grey and do lots of embroidery, etc. Then piece it all together. I'm not sure how it will come out in the end but I would like it to have a Gothic/fantasy feel to it. somewhere in between the photo at the top and this

Gothic & Fantasy but light and airy as well....hmmmmm

I'll post my progress.

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