Monday, November 5, 2012

Getting Settled

We are slowly getting settled into our new home.  It's been 2 months now since we moved in and there are still things to be organized, walls to be painted, curtains to be hung and even a couple boxes yet to unpack.

I only just started working on some things for my Etsy shop in the past week or so, hopefully I will have time to get a bunch of things listed for the holidays.

Today I listed this brooch:
Thyme on Natural Linen Brooch

 And a few days ago another Orange Poppy
Orange Ribbon Poppies in 3 inch hoop

The nice lady we are renting from knows that I do embroidery so she very kindly left me this giant drawer full of floss (and some books and thread too). How awesome is that!

Maybe today I'll start organizing it =)


Jan Conwell said...

We'll be moving early next year (and selling our current house) so I feel your pain--and the joy of a new home. Congratulations. Now get those curtains hung! :~)

Awesome score on the e. floss.

Susan Being Snippy said...

those poppies are gorgeous - cameto your blog via your twitter profile! And I have a embroidery threads box almost exactly like yours!

lysa flower said...

So beautiful!