Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It Must Be Nice To Be A Bird - Giveaway!

Madeleine, owner of the fabulous  Iamabird shop on Etsy is having a giveaway on her blog, the winner gets this gorgeous owl necklace


Jan Conwell said...

Okay, see, no fair. I thought YOU were having a giveaway. I normally don't enter for them, because to be honest, I have enough stuff in my life, so it's better to leave to somebody who wants it. But if YOU were having a giveaway, I'd have to enter. Hmph. :~)

Jan Conwell said...

Two more things: I meant nothing bad about the beautiful owl pendant--it's beautiful, and the use of wood for the frame is genius.

And: thank you for having no word verification on your blog comments!!!

Sidereal Day said...

Hey Jan, sorry to mislead you =)
I have been thinking of hosting a giveaway soon and it's nice to know that someone would enter it.

I understand about not entering giveaways, I try to keep it to stuff I know I would use, or that I know a friend would love as a gift.

Annnnnd, your welcome for not having to do a word verification.