Monday, December 5, 2011

Go Outside

We had a small outing to the nearby city of Anacortes a couple of days ago.  My husband had a customer to go see so my son and I went with him to wander around.  There is a great waterfront park there so even though it was grey and misting a bit we decided to go throw some rocks in the water.   
We ended up meeting this guy

 There is a boat launch at the end of the beach and according to one of the fishermen I talked to this seal has been a local fixture for about 15 years.  He hangs around the waiting for the fishermen to come in and hand over their extra bait.  You might notice that one of his eyes has been damaged, the man I spoke to said it's been that way as long as he's been around.

Yesterday was bright and sunny so we stopped on the local rainbow bridge to take a couple photos of our picturesque little town.

Picturesque right?

Here's a photo of the rainbow bridge I took a couple summers ago from a neighbors boat, it's named for it's shape, not it's color

I really is nice around here.  I really should drag myself outside more often, but for today I have some embroidery to do.


JDConwell said...

Holy cow, is this where you live? Uh, yeah. Go outside more, and ENJOY it. (Heh, if only for the rest of us. ;~)

I love the seal fellow. (So long and thanks for all the fish!)

Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

wow! you really do live in a picturesque town! It looks like the beginning shot of a Lifetime movie... haha really though it is gorgeous. Is that a famous mountain in the background? You should get out more.

Cute little guy swimming there..

The bridge is beautiful but they kinda freak me out. I have dreams (or nightmares really) of my car falling in a river off a bridge.. eek!