Friday, November 4, 2011

Quick Foil Photography Reflector

The days are getting darker around here, so today I made myself a quick reflector out of foil to help with my product photos.  
I used a small cereal box. Cut off the edge tabs just leaving the front, back and one of the sides.  Coat the box with glue (spray adhesive would work but I don't have any). Lay out the foil and apply the box to the foil ( it's easier to line up the edges that way and keep it from getting wonky). 

Then fold over the edges and glue in place. 

Ta da, a quick and easy reflector.

If you do an Internet search there are a variety of opinions on what side of the foil to use, and some people say you should crumple the foil first.....whatever, this works for me.

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