Monday, March 22, 2010

Moving my needles

Last year I made a quilt for the first time. I never made a quilt before, but I decided I needed one for all the picnics I plan to take (more on that later). It was fun, more fun than I thought it would be. Still, I don't think I will ever progress out of the crazy quilt stage for I hate to measure and be precise.

Anyhoo, I decided to do a little embroidery on the quilt. Just a little initial here, and a bug there. I hadn't done any needlework for quite some time, but once I got started I couldn't seem to stop. It went from a simple lady bug on the corner of a quilt square to wall hangings and then cuff bracelets. I'm having a lot of fun.
All of my most recent projects have been inspired by gifts from my fabulous parents (hmmm, seems to be a theme lately).
First, these beautiful gloves that my mom bought on the Champs Elysees, on a trip to Paris with my dad some time around 1958. On a side note, she came home from Europe with child... my eldest brother....ahhh Paris.

and the result:


Second, this lovely barrette that my father bought for me around 1987 in Tel Aviv, Israel. He said he walked around town all day trying to find just the right gift. I think he did a great job, I love it and still wear it often.

I'm not completely finished with this one

I'm partial to a black background, can you tell.

Third, the fabric from this apron. It was my grandmothers. I can picture her wearing it, some time in the 40's making bread in her sweet little kitchen back in Minnesota...brrrrrr...she probably spent a lot of time in the kitchen cooking just to stay warm. =)

I like how this came out, but I may give it another try.

I need to get back to painting some time soon, but for whatever reason I'm currently paralyzed by the blank page...all the more reason to just get painting...maybe after one more embroidery project.

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patk860 said...

i'm a lover & collector of things that have been around for awhile & probably have an interesting history that i don't know. so... i make up "what if" little stories in my head. it's so great you can take these special items with a known & treasured history & create something new. well done! rather than "getting back to painting" explore this creativity for awhile... you've got talent!