Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Day For Visiting Family

Last week my family took a trip over to Port Townsend, Wa to visit one of my brothers. It's a fun little town to visit, if you are ever in NW Washington it's worth a side trip.
Port Townsend is full of artists, and my brother is one of them. He has always had an interest in archeology, and has found his own little niche. He specialises in antique bottles. Most of what he finds come from digging up old outhouses. It may sound gross, but it's not....really! What he is looking for is anything from the early 1900's or earlier. At that time all the garbage went down the hole in the outhouse. So much time has passed that by now it's all just dirt. Along with the bottles he finds all sorts of bits of dolls,toys,pipes,various household items, guns (someone got away with something) and pieces of broken china and pottery. He saves all these little bits and bobs to make mosaics.

His work has a ton of personality, from the simple designs like this girl on the moon
(sorry, I didn't get a good close up of the little doll)

To this skull and bones.

Notice all the little details, the fork in the eye, the little doll ear on the left the horse teeth, and he's smoking a pipe.

Some day I hope to help broaden his market but for now his stuff is for sale around Port Townsend in the coffee shops and gallerys.

After touring his work we had a lovely breakfast and a walk on the beach where we found 2 of these large red jelly fish.

Homeward bound.

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Heather said...

what stunning work! And so intriguing that he gets his supplies from old outhouses, a treasure trove to be sure! Sounds like a wonderful trip~