Monday, February 15, 2010

OWOH Winners

The One World One Heart event has once again come to an end. Thank you so much to all of you who entered my drawing.
I flung all the names into the magical random number generator this morning and out popped




Thanks again,
Have a great day!


Rein said...

Congrats to the winners!

Susan said...

OMG!!! thanks so much!!
I am having a really good day:)

Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

hasn't this been fun? I didn't win anything, but I sure have found a lot of great blogs I"m now following.

Susan said...

My gorgeous Forest print arrived very beautiful...I can not wait to get it framed! the last few days have bee kind of crummy...pain wise and hubby having cabin fever wise (he is out of work for 3 weeks following retina re-attachment surgery)...can you say CRANKY and GROUCHY?!! so finding some BEAUTY in my mailbox is WONDERFUL!!

Thanks so very much.