Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bran Muffins!

Every once in a while I feel as if I'm in a cooking rut, so I look around for some new recipes to liven things up. Usually I find them on
Bran muffins are not at the top of my woo hoo list, I'm more of a chocolate cream cheese muffin kinda girl, but this recipe had a really high rating on the web site so I figured I'd give em a try. And I could use a little more healthy (or healthier) in my life.

They turned out to be pretty dang yummy. I did do a couple of substitutions: instead of oil I used some all natural applesauce, and instead of raisins I used trail mix chopped up a bit (the trail mix had chocolate chips in it and i took 90% of them out)
I don't like fake sugar, and I don't think it's healthy, at least not any healthier than the real stuff so if a recipe calls for sugar, that's what it gets.
They were a hit with the family even the 5 year old came back for seconds!

I also made some Italian sausage soup and biscuits. Yum! I know,sausage and biscuits are not exactly healthy, but I've got bran muffins to make up for that.


Derek Furman said...

I'm Lynn's husband and these Muffins are lumps of yum. Good job sugar you should make these on a "REGULAR" basis. The soup blew my mind! I tell you when Lynn and I married 15+ years ago I swear she was trying to poison me. She has improved in ways that I never expected and am very great full for her efforts and successes. Now make me a sandwich wait I seem to be full of muffins.

Lynn said...

Glad you liked the muffins my sweetie. Now make your OWN sandwich =)