Tuesday, September 1, 2009

So Glad To Be Home!

The past 2 days are a bit of a blur. My husband has been feeling a bit ill for the past week and a half or so. We thought he had a really mild flu. Sunday night he was feeling a bit worse, but we had hopes that he would feel better by Monday morning. He woke me up at 12:30 still feeling horrible and I made him some tea and got him the heating pad. At 5:00 am he woke me up to let me know he was in so much pain he was ready to go to the ER.
Turns out he had an appendicitis...my poor honey. Monday was all about getting into a room at the hospital, waiting for the OR and the Surgeon, having the offending organ taken out, and recovering from the general anesthesia. Apparently when he was in the recovery room waking up from the general anesthesia he was hallucinating that my friend Beth and I were standing over him. I was just smirking at him, but Beth was harassing him by saying things like "wake up knucklehead". I'm not sure to what extent he responded to her but the nurse that brought him back was chuckling at him.
Today was all about pain killers, eating solid foods and waiting to be discharged.
I have to say that the staff at Skagit Valley Hospital were all very very nice and took great care of my honey.
I'm glad we caught it when we did, it could have been way more serious.
We are very tired and glad to be home.

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