Monday, July 27, 2009

There's Gold in That There River

Friday we decided to go to a river and pan for kidding. My honeys brother has been trying to get us to go for some time.
I wasn't sure what to expect, but we ended up having a great time.

The spot we went to was about a half mile hike up a beautiful wooded path.

Even our 5 year old tried it.

Beauuutiful! And not a soul around.

I wonder what this building was used for.

The hike back up the path was also pretty.

This is what we came home with....I think maybe we will go buy that 900sq ft castle.

It's not a way to strike it rich (not that it's impossible, just unlikely). More like a fun activity to do while cooling off at the river.
I'm sure we will go again.



I have seriously always wanted to try this!! How fun! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh you struck it rich ;-) My girls love to go 'mining,' tee hee...what a fun activity and beautiful hike!

Jamie :)