Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More Space Please

I have been displaced. When we moved into our home I had my own studio, painted a nice pale blue with lots of light and french doors that open up onto a balcony. Sigh. My husband that works at home was going to work in the studio/shed out in the back yard. That lasted about one month, it was too cold, too dark, and lonely. Sooooo now he is in the coveted office space, he needs a room where he can be off by himself so he can concentrate while he works. He works on computers, doing web sites, networks, programming type stuff, and needs to be where he has some quiet. I completely understand, and he IS the bread winner in our family.
I now keep my art supplies in the pantry...

I am still working on getting things a bit more organized...maybe one day soon I will commandeer one of the other rooms for my studio. I would probobly still end up working at the kitchen table anyway.
At any rate I am still getting things done. I have finally set up my Etsy shop and bit by bit am getting things listed. I have 8 items up now and a whole tray of colorful barrettes waiting to have their pictures taken.

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